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Hip joint arthroplasty is believed to be one of the most successful orthopaedic surgical procedures.

Over the past few years, modified surgical techniques such as capsular repair, the use of alternative bearing surfaces, and minimally invasive techniques have become increasingly popular.

Guidelines evaluating the return to sports or recreational activities after THA are difficult to perform because of the variability in surgeon's preferences, surgical techniques, patient's interests and previous abilities.
Waiting 3 to 6 months after a THA is a current recommended waiting time for return to sporting.

- 12 sports are not recommended : running, waterskiing, football, baseball, basketball, hockey, handball, karate, soccer, squash, softball and racquetball

- 7 are now allowed and recommnded : swimming, sailing, bowling, scuba, golf, road cycling, and low-impact aerobics

- other activities are now allowed as intermediate : speed walking, hiking, ice skating, downhill skiing, weight machines, weightlifting doubles tennis, dancing, rowing, aerobics, alpine skiing, , volleyball, and singles tennis.

Overall, this represents a greater tolerance and acceptance by the surveyed surgeons today in granting their patients the ability to return to many activities that previously were not allowed or undecided. This is because of the improved confidence in today's surgical techniques (soft tissue repair, minimally invasive and less invasive) and biomaterial advancements, such as alternative bearing surfaces.

However, such changes may be associated with encouraging patients to limit the higher-impact activities to recreational use and no competitive activities to limit the "abuse" to their prostheses.
Even if our modern-day THA population ask more and more as it feels good, recommending the use of lower-impact activities for endurance (long-term, repetitive sport) may improve realistic compliance rates in survival of the THA.

Sports and THA

NB : Overuse leads to Polyethylene wear, loosening, breakage of components, bone fracture round the implant, or dislocation.

Last updated : 9/12/2007
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