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Increasing numbers of people are electing to have surgery in hospitals abroad. Four factors are driving this medical tourism: quality of care, promptness of treatment and cost of treatment.

We act for patients who need : arthroplasties of Hip and Knee, ligament reconstruction of knee, knee arthroscopy ( for meniscus, synovectomy, etc.), and spine surgery

For any information, please dont hesitate to contact us at :
and send us the filled downloaded medical files at :

We shall forward your message to the companies to help you to decide and manage your treatment abroad and take care of accomodations.

On our website, you will find the list of exams and conditions required before acceptation at MANAGEMENT.

You also may have a look at F A Q and access to informations for the operation and its rehabilitation procedure from the HOMEPAGE to get practical informations.

Visit the HOMEPAGE to get informations on our institut, its situation, and accomodations of the town of BERCK-SUR-MER , HESDIN and SAINT POL TERNOISE

Last updated : 4/12/2008
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