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French Conseil de l'Ordre des Médecins : 62-6533
British Général Médical Council : N° 6061514


- Médical Education :

Faculty of medecine of BORDEAUX - 1971-1978

- Qualifications :

- Medical Doctor, 1978
- Sports Medecine Specialist, 1979
- Orthopaedic Surgery Specialist , 1986 (Military awarding authority )
- Orthopaedic Surgery Specialist , 1991 (French National Medical Board )


1986 - 1991 : chief, Orthopaedics & traumatology Dept of the Military Hospital of DIJON
1991 - 1994 : private Orthopaedic practice in a private clinic
1994 - 2000 : chief, Orthopaedics & traumatology Dept of a State hospital (ARPAJON)
2000 - up to now : chief, Orthopaedics Dept of CALOT Institute (BERCK)


- Member of ISAKOS : International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee surgery,and Orthopaedics Sports Medecine
- Member of SOFCOT : Société Française de Chirurgie Orthopédique et Traumatologique
- Member of SFA : Société Française d'Arthroscopie
- Member of l'ICRS : International Caartilage Research Society
- AFNOR : Chairman of "osteosynthesis" commission and "articular implants" commission


- Exclusive Hip and Knee surgery in Orthopaedics and Sports traumatology with a predominance for Knee sugery in Calot Institute in BERCK/ mer (private hospital specialised in orthopaedics, neurology and rhumatology)

- Main activity : prosthetic implantation (Primary or revision surgery)

- Primary prosthesis : osteoarthritis, rhumatoid arthritis, post traumatic arthrosis, osteonecrosis revision arthroplasty: septic prosthesis, aseptic loosening, fracture, dislocation.

- Arthroscopy : ACL and PCL reconstruction, treatment of chondropathy , suture and resection of meniscal lesions, osteosynthesis of spines and tibial plateau fractures , rhumatoid synovectomy, arthrolysis, osteochondritis management, septic arthritis.

- Open surgery : collateral ligament reconstructions, tendinitis, femoral and tibial osteotomies, patella realignement, knee arthrodesis, neurolysis, retinacular release, pseudarthrosis, bone infections


- Knee Surgery :

. Anatomical and clinical analysis and studies of the ACL reconstruction with artificial ligaments leading to an "ACL Isometric Guide".

. Histological and mechanical studies after in vivo implantation of synthetic ligaments : influence of surgical technique and fibroblastic seeding.

. Developpement of a Total and Uni Knee Pros

- Hip Prosthesis :

. Biomechanical and clinical studies on anchorage of hip prosthesis leading to the concept of a reinforced process in cementing hip prosthesis "Elastic Acetabulum Cup"

- Osteosynthesis & Traumatology :

. Mechanical and clinical studies on external fixation leading to the French External Fixator of the Army.

. Anatomical and mechanical works on the implants of the extremities of the femur, tibia and radius : blade, plate, nail plate, anatomic plates and their ancillary material.(creation and development)

. Biomechanical studies on screws and plates in osteosynthesis leading to the standardised "Maconor 2 system" adopted by the SOFCOT.

- Bone Substitute :

. Animals and clinical experiments with biphasic calcium phosphate ceramics (10 year follow-up)

- Shoulder :

. Anatomical and surgical studies on acromio-clavicular dislocation leading to a new personnal surgical technique of ligament reconstruction with a synthetic ligament (10 years follow-up ).


- Isometric guide for artificial ligaments implantation : N° FR 89.009325

Last updated : 9/12/2007
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